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Pansoli Jungle Stay - Dandeli


Pansoli Jungle Stay Dandeli (PND Jungle Stay) is in pansoli village which is near to kulgi. It is hardly 15 km away from dandeli karnataka. It is situated in the middle of Dandeli forest away from city life. The stay consists of independent cottages and a dormitory with attached bathroom. The cottages are surrouned by green trees a beautiful nature look. Pansoli Homestay (PND Jungle Stay) is an amazing location amidst the thick wild forests with plenty of lush green vegetation. The stay is a combination of its classy planning and blessing calm environment with dense wild vegetation making a beautiful mix of nature and wildlife.  

Pansoli Nisarga Dhama Dandeli Pansoli Nisarga Dhama Dandeli

Pansoli Nisarga Dhama - Dandeli


Pansoli Nisarga Dhama Dandeli (PND Jungle Stay) makes you forget your daily routine busy life and multiplies your happiness and peace of mind. Beside this you will be offered jungle safari in an open jeep where you can sight some animals of Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and Anshi National Park Dandeli. Bird Watching takes you to the world of beautiful rare species of birds. Even trekking either in the morning of at night takes you into the heart of the forest where you can get an opportunity to sight birds and animals. In order to take you to a different world of nature from you daily routine, they have variety of activities both in the middle of the thickly forested area of Dandeli and also in river kali.

Pansoli Jungle Stay Dandeli Pansoli Homestay Dandeli
Pansoli Homestay Dandeli Pansoli Homestay Dandeli
Pansoli Jungle Stay Dandeli Pansoli Jungle Stay Dandeli

Most exciting and thrilling activity of the river is rafting specially called white water river rafting, where in you will be floating on water in an inflatable rubber raft. You will be provided life saving jackets and helmets. All safety measures will be taken and expert trained rafts man will instruct and guide all the rafters. Pansoli Homestay Dandeli is famous for nature walks in the morning to make your lungs fill in the fresh air of Dandeli Jungle.

There are a lot of possibilities of sighting wildlife in Dandeli jungle. To be frank one must be blessed by nature for this rare spotting of wildlife. The accommodation provided by Pansoli Jungle Stay Dandeli is only food and stay. Activities should be done on payable basic. There are other things like camp fire at night, jungle safari, white water rafting, coracle ride and many more which are chargeable. This place is 490Km from Bangalore, 450 km from Pune can be reached by bus from all major cities. Goa (Doblin) 140 Km is the nearest air port. The cozy room and the comfortable huts give pleasant homely atmosphere.

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  Dandeli Forest Dandeli Forest
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