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Jungle Safari in Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary


Jungle safari is one of the good activity you will enjoy in Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. It gives you and opportunity to study the lifecycle of the animals in there natural environment. Jeep Safari are conducted by the wildlife reserve authorities and professional wildlife guides in deep Dandeli forest. The open jeep has seating arrangements for almost 8 persons per trip, and generally goes up in forest range. The duration is three to four hours and timings are during early morning and afternoon till sunset. After seeking permission this activity covers about 30 kms of forest area and you are chanced to spot wild life of Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. You have the occasion of spotting tiger which is rare in this vicinity because the present population is only therein. If you are lucky you can find some wild animals like Bison, Black Panther, Elephant, spotted deer or some reptiles and birds. This is loved by all age groups and all the visitors who take visit to Dandeli. 

You are taken in an open jeep in the interiors of Dandeli Jungle. You will come to know what the nature speaks and every possible safety is provided for your comfort. Jungle jeep safaris are exciting way to drive into vegetation and valleys, amidst the mottled sunlight. While there are chances of getting lost in the wild jungle aura, do not forget to carry a pair of binoculars and camera hanging around your neck as you might spot pack of wilds, quiver of serpents, and herd of elephants. Also, advisable is to wear light colored clothes and abide by the rules and regulations. 

The Core Area of Dandeli wildlife sanctuary almost covers 5729.07sq. kms. The immense tourist wealth of dandeli jungle as explained above is undoubtedly the greatest asset of Dandeli karnataka. Here tourist can see the wild animals in there habitat in there ordinary lifestyle without any cage or boundaries. Make sure to follow the rules and regulation given by the guide whiles your jungle safari starts in Dandeli wildlife sanctuary. Avoid making noise whenever you sight any animals so that it may cause some disturbance to the animals. If you make noise the whole focus of the animals would be towards you.
"Save jungle and save wildlife ", Be at your home and let them enjoy their home !..


Things not to do

x Talk loudly and make noise.
x Litter or Smoke.
x Get off the vehicle unless asked.
x Wear strong perfumes.
x Pick up anything as a souvenir.
x Wear bright coloured cloths.
x Disturb the tranquility of the place other have come to enjoy the peace.
x Tease animals and touch insects/birds nests.
x Feed the monkeys.
x Play music.
x Waste water.

Things to do

* Wear forest friendly coloured cloths.
* Carry water bottles while going for activities.
* Take photographs and videos of your trip.
* Listen to the sounds of nature.
* Observe and obey safety rules during coracle boat rides, rafting etc.
* Park vehicles only in designated areas.
* Be punctual for all activities.
* Save water and electricity.

How to protect wildlife habitats

* Protect and restore species and their natural habitats.
* Ensure that the value of nature is reflected in decisions made by communities and governments.
* Strengthen local communities' ability to conserve the natural resources on which they it depend.
* Mobilize hundreds of millions of people to support conservation.

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