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Where is Dandeli

About Dandeli in Karnataka


Dandeli is a place in uttara kannada district, Karnataka which is located in the Western Ghats. It is famous for tourism and wildlife because of its undisturbed dense forest. It is fully abundance in natural flora and fauna. The local legend states that the city got the name Dandelappa, a servant of the Mirashi landlords who lost his life because of his loyalty. The city is emerging as educational hub with all type of facilities available here for students. The Kali River which flows in through city is the lifeline for the people of the city and many villages which are situated near side. The water is also useful for hydro electric projects which are run by Karnataka Power Corporation in Dandeli karnataka. It is also important for industry and wildlife which completely relies on this River Kali. It is believed that the river's name comes from the dark black rocks present beneath the flowing water because of which the water looks black in colour.

Dandeli has developed as a city of multi cultured. Common language spoken her is Hindi is common language with kannada, konkani, marathi, telugu, tamil and malayalam following majorly. Here all type of festivals is celebrated, but the big one is Laxmi Puja which is also known as diwali pooja.

Dandeli Karnataka Dandeli Karnataka

Where is Dandeli Karnataka


Dandeli(Karnataka) is geographically located at coordinates [15.247719, 74.629678]. It has an average elevation of 473 metres (1551 ft) and receives good rainfall. The climate of forest is a typical moist deciduous and semi-evergreen type, with pockets of evergreen. This place was simply amazing. Not too crowded at full capacity and a place full of peace and quiet. There is resort for guest to stay and relax. No need to panic thinking about where is Dandeli. The city is well connected to Belgaum, Pune, Mumbai, Dharwad, Hubli, Bangalore, Karwar and Goa. One can reach easily to this place as it is accessible through from all the destinations. There are lots of luxurious buses which travel to city.

Options available for Accommodation in Dandeli

The resorts in dandeli are mostly situated in forest areas away from city life. There are lot of thing you can enjoy on the trip to Dandeli. Some tour operators allow the travelers to design their own packages according to their own tastes. This is because all travelers don’t have the same interests, even if they are going to similar groups of destinations. Hence, the concept of customizable packages, designed by the travelers make this place a good tourism destination. The customized packaged are charged differently from different travelers. The tour operators are also constantly designing new packages to make travelling in Dandeli karnataka a pleasant experience which they never forget.

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Tourists can enjoy a neat and clean, with decorated restaurant is a place to relax and eat your favorite food in total pleasure and excitement.There are many resorts across the place catering to the needs of the tourist who visit this place. Enjoy the trip in the heart of the jungle with the sound of the wild nature around you. There are many resort in the heart of jungle . These resort provide you the packages along with some activities were you can relax and enjoy. One can find a perfect blend of comfort . The other name you can give for the resorts is dandeli jungle resorts because of their location view. The resorts offer you good packages alone with activities like Bison River Resort, Hornbill river resort, Jungle lodges and resort, Century resort Dandeli. The one who can’t afford expense for them budget Dandeli hotels ( Homestay’s) and lodges are available with only food and stay packages.

When to visit to Dandeli

The people who like adventure and water sports for the best time to visit Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is between October and March because people can have a chance of doing white water river rafting. In rainy season rafting is closed because of the muddy water of rain. One can visit this place at any time of the year. During the monsoons, you may see fewer animals and miss white water rafting, but the place acquires a unique ambience. Plan your Dandeli tour and enjoy the best of your holiday with your family and friends. This place is very much liked by tourist. Some of the activities that attract tourist to the city are white water river rafting, kayaking, coracle ride, jacuzzi bath, jungle trekking, night camping and many more for adventure. If you are not interested in adventure activities, you can go on sight seeing places. Dandeli is well surrounded by some good sight seeing places like kavala cave, syntheri rock , back water, supa dam and some of the pilgrame temples. Remember "Don't just travel, Travel right", Life is a journey.

Dandeli tours offers immense opportunities for wildlife tourism. The immense heritage of wildlife in Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is more than any other sanctuary in Karnataka. It’s a paradise for the nature lovers, these forest areas are also crucial for the conversation of the endangered species like the black panther, tiger which are sighted by luck. Other animals in the sanctuary include elephants, bison, wild dogs, sloth bears, wild pigs (wild shukar), jackal, sambar, spotted deer, barking deer, mouse deer, common langur, bonnet macaque, giant flying-squirrels, slender loris, malabar giant squirrels, civets, porcupines, mongoose and several species of snakes. However sightings of these animals need some share of luck while jungle safari. Dandeli forest is not only known for its wildlife but also for its bird watching. The main tourist attract is hornbill, peacock. Dandeli in karnataka offers an amazing range of biological and ecological diversity. An adventure is when you don't know what's going to Happen !.

  Dandeli Forest
  Dandeli Forest Dandeli Forest
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