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Adventure Activities in Dandeli Jungle


Dandeli is a place in Uttara Kannada, Karnataka which is highly know for its tourism. It is place where you can find the mix of adventure and wildlife. In dandeli you can find lot of water sports activities, sightseeing and wildlife adventure. The main reason for all this activity is River Kali .The River plays an important role for all this activities which flows through this city. The river is important for the people of city as well as wildlife to take shelter in the Dandeli jungle. It is a river runner’s paradise. Adventure with junoon can definitely add thrill to any adventure activity and if it is included in a vacation, then we will double the element of excitement and exploration.

You have lot of choice to do the activities during your Dandeli trip. In one tour you will experience heart racing rapids, isolated villages and unspoiled surroundings. However if you are short of time it can be very confusing as to which activity you should choose to do. To help you make that, I have listed a few below.

White Water River Rafting

It is a challenging recreational outdoor activity with full of adventure and thrills. River running in the white waters is extremely thrilling but it can also be risky. The term 'White water' refers to foamy and whitish appearance of fast flowing water. It is practiced mainly in the upper reaches where the water is wild and white as it froths and foams, crashing against narrow gorges, rocky outcrops and falls at deep gradients. The Kali River flowing with some excellent rapid which gives a thrilling experience to one mind, which one never had in his life. White water river rafting is one of the main attraction for tourism in Dandeli.

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River Rafting in Dandeli
Night Jungle Camping

This activity take you close to nature and forest were you can breathe some fresh air.You can lay under the night sky watching the bright star and some night flies flying around you. Here pitching tents are given for the guest in which they can stay. It’s a best place for bird’s lovers. Guest can feel like they are away from their daily life and stress. The guest can have some fun games when the sun goes down. We provided a camp fire around which you can sit and have some good game with your friends and family. Night out camping is one of the enjoyable activity which can only be done in summer and winter season in Dandeli jungle.

Night Jungle Camping in Dandeli

Kayaking is an eco-friendly water sports. On the other hand, Kayaks look like small fishing boat and are not a new thing in the Indian coastal sites, but they are fastly picking up as a favourite water sport in Dandeli. Kayaking are made to glide through water and because of their conical ends they are easy to operate on water. This unique feature makes them highly capable on trying on most kind of water bodies. Kayak can accommodate at least two people with their gear and is usually practiced on lakes and rivers, which have flat and still water.

Kayaking in Dandeli
Bird Watching

Dandeli Nation Park is also known for its birds watching because more than 200 species of birds are found. It is a bird’s paradise for bird’s lovers. The vast variety of exotic birds found here attracts tourists and bird-watchers and eco-tourists from all over the world. You can find both local and migrating birds which migrate from different country. These include the kingfisher, honeybird, peacock, black-crested bulbul, blue-headed pitta, brahminy kite, broad-billed roller, crested serpent eagle, great hornbill, woodpecker, malabar pied hornbill.

Bird Watching in Dandeli
Coracle Ride

Coracles are small, light-weight boats which are used for river navigation. Traditionally they were oval in shape and similar to half a walnut shell and still retain this shape. The boats are made of split and interwoven rods made of willow or other material and tied with bark. There is an outer waterproof layer made of canvas or other waterproof materials. The structure has a flat bottom which helps spread the weight evenly making it ideal for river traveling. They are great for fishing and can be carried easily when out of the river.

Coracle Ride in Dandeli
Jungle Trekking

Trekking is best attempted initially with someone who has experience or in a professionally-led group. A number of outdoor stores and organizations offer classes and plan for Dandeli trip that can help give an idea of the gear and physical ability required in trekking. Trekking gives travelers an up-close view of incredible scenery when travelers move on foot through often-rural areas. One is a comfortably-fitting backpack. With the fall of summer, morning treks are good energy boosters and these couple of kilometers treks are good exercise as well.

Jungle Trekking in Dandeli
River Crossing OR Valley Crossing

River crossing is another activity you could enjoy in dandeli. Its look like a rappelling but the difference is that, here you need to cross the river or valley on a rope tied on both the side was the water flows below you. It’s a challenging activity because there will be lot of stress on you arms and you need to have a good balance.

Zip Lining in Dandeli

Fishing is the act of catching fish in a variety of ways. Commercial fishing is taking fish for sale. Recreational fishing is catching fish for personal use or for the sport of catching fish. Recreational fishing can be done in a variety of ways. Most consider fishing to be taking fish by hook and line. You can use poles, rod and reel to do so. Our fishing holiday packages make sure that you can concentrate on what is truly important; relaxing and catching fish. Your guides will make sure you have everything you need and want, be it a fresh cup of coffee or some tips.

Fishing in Dandeli
Jungle Safari

Jeep Safari is are conducted by the wildlife reserve authorities and professional wildlife guides. The open jeep has seating arrangements for almost 8 persons per trip, and generally goes up in forest range. The duration is three to four hours and timings are during early morning and afternoon till sunset. If you are lucky you can find some wild animals like bison, black panther, elephant, spotted deer or some reptiles and birds. This is loved by all age groups and all the visitors who take visit to Dandeli jungle. You are taken in an open jeep in the interiors of jungle.

Jungle Safari in Dandeli

Canyoningcan be a Combined Water and Rock Activity. Canyoning in the Dandeli jungle can represent a spectrum of activities some of which are mostly rock activities and some of which are mostly water activities. You will be in and out of the water repeatedly. When the time comes for you to descend, you shuffle over to the guide. He ties you into a new safety rope, unties the rope anchoring you to the rock, and belays you as you rappel a hundred feet, with the waterfall thundering beside you, into the pool below.

Canyoning in Dandeli
Natural Jacuzzie Bath

Jacuzzi bath is natural water were you can enjoy the bath in nature. It is like a massage therapy when the natural water hits your body to give you a healing touch. The water which flows is fresh and clean like a crystal. It is very difficult to find like this spot for guest. You can’t enjoy this activity in dandeli because you can’t find lot of spot for Jacuzzi bath. It is one of the good activities which can be enjoyed by all from children’s, elders and family.

Jacuzzi Bath in Dandeli

Rappelling is a climbing technique using an anchored rope, a harness and a special device, called a descender to lower a climber down a cliff face or other structure. Once connected to the rope, the climber will back off the cliff face until the rope is bearing full weight. The climber can then control the rate of descent. The most important point to consider when picking suitable footwear for rappelling is that they are attached firmly to your feet. There is nothing worse that dropping one of your shoes on someone's head and can be avoided by wearing a set of laced-up trainers or walking boots.

Rappelling in Dandeli
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